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Rats. Mice. Sugar ants. Spiders. Hornets. Carpenter ants. If the mere thought of these creatures gives you the creeps, then imagine how you’d feel if any one of these were to invade your home. Odds are, if you’re reading this, then that’s exactly why you’ve come to...

Pest Control in Portland, OR

Pests are an unfortunate reality for any homeowner, renter, or commercial property manager. Due to the temperate climate of Portland and its surrounding areas, a wide variety of potential pests — from mice and rats to bees, wasps, ants, and more — are incredibly...

Pest Control in Vancouver, WA

A Preventative vs. Reactive Approach to Pest Control Even the cleanest home and the most well-maintained property can attract pests. With so many factors contributing to pest activity — not to mention the wide variety of pests that your home can attract — Aspen Pest...

Ant Control in Gresham

Ant Control in Gresham

Ant infestations are an entirely common occurrence. One day, everything is normal. Your home is neat and tidy. (Or, perhaps cozy and “lived in” as some might say.) But the very next day, a seemingly limitless parade of ants is marching through your foyer. Horrified,...

Ant Control in Lake Oswego

Ant Control in Lake Oswego

We Pacific Northwesterners live for the summer. That warm, not nearly long enough sacred stretch of sunlight practically erases the cold, constant drizzle of winter almost completely from our memories. If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the seasons, it’s that...

Ant Control in West Linn

Ant Control in West Linn

It doesn’t matter how common it is, an ant infestation just feels embarrassing. You strive to keep your home clean, and despite the effort, ants still find their way inside. It’s gross. And It’s frustrating. And it always seems to happen when you’re about to have...

Ant Control in Battle Ground

Ant Control in Battle Ground

There’s something special about Battle Ground, Washington. The town boasts over 200 acres of public park space and a historic, bustling Main Street that is lined with charming local shops and restaurants. Battle Ground welcomes visitors with open arms and even hosts...

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